About Us

Welcome to The Davey Boutique!

We started our t-shirt making journey in 2019 and have since grown into what we are today. We make and apply all the shirt images ourselves in our warehouse in North Carolina. With 26 different color options, available in sizes XS-4XL, and over 1000 shirt listings, we offer more options than the vast majority of other online t-shirt stores. 

We take pride in our products and we have a standard for quality. We inspect every shirt before shipping to make sure it's of quality standards. 

We use the process of direct to film printing for our shirt making method. This process prints high quality, water soluble inks onto a film, which is then transferred onto the shirt. We use a production DTF machine that prints on a roll of film that's 22 inches wide by 328 feet long. This machine allows us to print hundreds of images at a time to fill orders faster. This method is very similar to screen printing, just with an extra step of being printed onto a film first. This allows us to store the images for up to 6 months if needed (so there's no waste), and we are able to fill orders faster because a printer prints the images instead of us manually applying each color of ink directly to the shirt by hand with a screen. 

Our shirts are extremely durable. They can be put right in your washer and dryer, no special care is needed and they are tested to last 50+ washes. The quality of our shirts will amaze you!

When you order from us, know you are getting a quality product that was made with love by our team. 

❤️ The Davey Boutique Team